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​​Take Years Off Your 

LooksWith Facercise

The "Natural" Answer to Botox, Fillers and Surgery


"Facercise Bends Time's Arrow the Other Way" New York Times

"Facercise Bends Time's Arrow the Other Way" New York Times

"One of the 100 Best Beauty Products in the World"  Harper's Bazaar Magazine

Decide Today How Tomorrow Will Look

     I'm Dr. Kathryn Parslow. A few years ago, I began a daily facial toning technique called Facercise. It's a series of 13 synergistic exercises that tone and tighten​ the 57 muscles of the neck and face. It didn't take long for me to realize that Facercise worked better that any "wonder cream" I'd ever tried! 

      Just as a body builder can develop particular muscles in their body, a targeted facial feature can also be developed and accentuated by performing a specific facial exercise. All you need are a few minutes a day and the desire to take years off your looks. Keep reading to learn all about the Facercise "age-defying" secret!  

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Compare and Decide 

Facelift $20,000+ — Lasts 7-10 Years

Botox, Fillers $500+ — Lasts 6 Months

Facercise $100 — Lasts a Lifetime!

Dr. Kathryn Parslow

       Facercise was founded over 30 years ago by world-famous aesthetician Carol Maggio. Since then, hundreds-of-thousands of people have benefited from it's amazing age-defying effects, including movie stars, rock stars and royalty. Twice voted, “One of the Top 100 Beauty Products in the World,” in just a few minutes a day, you'll have your friends asking, "Have you had work done?"

       Popular (and costly) surgeries and procedures like Facelifts, Botox and fillers are temporary and need to be repeated over time. Facercise — on the other hand — is yours for a lifetime, once you conquer the 13 easy-to-do exercises. 

       Seem too good to be true? Take a look at my gallery page for actual before/after photos of Facercise users, and if you like what you see, join me in a group, personal or online Skype session. Or schedule a class in your area. Whether you're 39 or 79, Facercise will take years off your looks! (Don't be shy if you're a guy. They also get amazing results).

        Be sure and explore the rest of my website to learn about high quality supplements specifically designed to nourish the skin, and top notch, world-class beauty products. Also check out my books and video series on natural health, both packed with age-defying, life-extending tips.

Below — Notice Lift in Eye/Lip Corner (L to R)

Skin Lifts Too Because It's Attached to Muscles

Below — Notice Lift in the Eye Muscle and Lip Corner (L to R)

Skin Lifts Too Because It's Attached to Muscles