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My Back​ground

       Hi, I'm Kathryn. My background is in natural health and I spent a decade as the clinical nutritionist for Jonathan Wright MD — the father of natural medicine in America.

          At the clinic, we saw a plethora of patients who were seeking better health through natural means. From herbals and supplements, to IV therapy, food sensitivity testing, and lifestyle changes, our approach at the 'Tahoma Clinic' was "natural," utilizing the best of nature and science.  

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       A few years back, I looked in the mirror and noticed my right lower eyelid sagging, much like I'd seen in my grandmother. My comment to myself? "Oh no! This isn't happening!" The "sagging eyelid" really got my attention and so I began Facercise. I'd known about it in my 40's but never followed through. Now I was ready. As the saying goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

          And so I ordered the Facercise DVD Kit, and began doing the exercises faithfully, every day. I didn't pay much attention, just kept exercising. Then one day about a month later, I requested the "senior discount" as I boarded a state fair tour bus. When the driver responded with, "Only for those over 60," I knew I was on to something. It was my 70th birthday that very day.


     I've since become licensed and certified in Facercise and talk about it in all my naturally-oriented health seminars. I always tell  my Facercise students, "You don't have to be born with youthful genes. You don't even need a magical key to youth. Just exercise your face!" Come join me in a group, private, or Skype Facercise class. Or schedule a class in your area. You'll be amazed at your transformation. Click for my CV (resume) 

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