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     Popular (and costly) surgeries and procedures like Facelifts, Botox and fillers are temporary and need to be repeated over time. Facercise — on the other hand — is yours for a lifetime, once you conquer the 13 easy-to-do exercises.

     Seem too good to be true? Take a look at my gallery page for actual before/after photos of Facercise users, and if you like what you see, join me in a group, personal or online Skype session. Or schedule a class in your area. Whether you're 39 or 79, Facercise will take years off your looks! (Don't be shy if you're a guy. They also get amazing results).

     Be sure and explore the rest of my website to learn about high quality supplements specifically designed to nourish the skin, and top notch, world-class beauty products. Also check out my books and video series on natural health, both packed with age-defying, life-extending tips.